Eco Film Festival Guide

To fully enjoy the Festival 

<Checklist for a sustainable Festival>

1. Energy

  • Use natural light as much as possible, and turn off the power when equipment and lighting are not in use.
  • Reduce carbon footprint with digital film delivery and digital screening.
  • Encourage the use of public transportation and walking.

2. Productions

  • Use electronic documents and reduce unnecessary printed materials and productions.
  • Opt for FSC-certified recycled paper and double-sided printing.
  • Carefully consider the frequency of use from the planning stage.
  • Save, reuse, and recycle by keeping records.

3. Waste

  • Use existing items first to prevent unnecessary purchases.
  • Minimize the environmental impact of disposal by opting for eco-friendly materials.
  • Increase recycling rates by placing recycling bins in conspicuous places.
  • Avoid making merchandise and upcycle the by-products.

4. Rights

  • All staff members treat each other fairly and with respect.
  • Guarantee rest breaks for Greenteers, volunteers of the SIEFF.
  • Include vegetarian meals for the staff.
  • Make a festival enjoyable for people from every background.

5. Education

  • Foster green leaders who will lead the future by associating with environmental education programs.
  • Provide equal access to environmental education for the younger generation across the country.
  • Offer festival members education about the environment, gender equality, and cultural diversity.