Zero Waste
  • Korean Competition
  • The Island of Survival, Jeju
Program Note This film observes the shifting perception of plastic waste through its coverage of the daily routines of six people who practice environmental awareness from BYUN Soobin a Jeju Isle. resident who collects litter to artist KIM Haneul who creates treasures out of discarded COVID-generated face masks. By highlighting various people who try to make sure environmental awareness is a part of their daily lives, this film contemplates how far a zero waste life can reach.
KIM Dong Hyun (Danny)
Born in 1986. He studied RTVF at the University of Wisconsin and graduated from Duke University with an MFA in Documentary Arts. He founded the impact film studio “Docuplus” to discover and produce documentary storytelling with social value.
Director KIM Dong Hyun (Danny)
Country Korea
Year 2023
Running Time 70min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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