Zebu of Dadilahy
제부와 렌지타
  • 그린 파노라마
Synopsis Rengita ,a young paysan from Madagascar, is having a hard time working his land on his own, the old zebu he herited changes his life and he develops a bond with the animal.One day,the villagers decide to sacrifices his zebu for rain return.
Luck Razanajaona 루크 라자나자오나
As a young emerging filmmaker from Madagascar, he makes shorts, documentary and video art. He was invited to the 65th Festival de Cannes and won Eclair Prize with Song of TLOUS. Recently, his short film Zebu of Dadilahy is selected in Clermonnt Ferrand Film Festival 2013.
Director Luck Razanajaona
Country Madagascar
Year 2012
Running Time 24'11"
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule