• 그린파노라마
Synopsis The deterioration of one is the foundation of another one’s life. The world with its never-ending interplay of eating and being eaten, takes on new dimensions when the unexpected forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our society. What was believed to be forever, melts away in the course of time. The only constant is change.
Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittm 로만 캘린, 팔코 패퍼, 플로리안 비트만
Roamn KÄLIN. Born in Einsiedeln, Switzerland. In 2009, he created his first VFX driven short movie Formic. Falko PAEPER. Born in Berlin. He began his studies at the Film academy Baden-Wuerttemberg with his major in Animation and Visual Effects in 2007. Florian WITTMANN was born in Deggendorf. From 2003 on he worked as a freelance Motion Designer and 3D Artist for Creation Club, M.A.R.K.13. In 2014, they graduated with their short film Wrapped.
Director Roman Kälin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittm
Country Germany
Year 2014
Running Time 5min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule