Wolsong, The Vanishing Village
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Synopsis Wolsong has a nuclear power plant, nuclear waste dump sites, disposal facilities, and 51% of the country’s high-level nuclear waste. HWANG Bunhui developed thyroid cancer because of the radiation from the power plant. She and other residents have been protesting, demanding the government to relocate them, but they haven’t received any answer. The 618 thyroid cancer patients living near the plant including HWANG Bunhui filed a class-action suit against the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power.
NAM Taeje 남태제
NAM Taeje made his directorial debut in 1977 with the documentary To Comrade. His other works include School (2003) and Urban Kids Meet Paddy (2011).
KIM Sunghwan 김성환
KIM Sunghwan directed several documentaries including The Dong River Flows On (1999) and Save the Sungmi Mountain (2003).
Director NAM Taeje, KIM Sunghwan
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 84min
Genre Documentary
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NameMediaNamu inc.