Wild Rubbish Rescue(WRR) Project
야생쓰레기구조 프로젝트
  • Korean Competition
Synopsis The increase and decrease of certain trash has been detected in the Mullae-dong area of Seoul. The filmmaker who has been monitoring and pursuing this phenomenon, realizes this is due to the rise of local real estate prices and the increase of commercial spaces. Especially, the drastic drop in ‘wild trash’ discarded in obscure building rooftops has driven them into a critical stage of distinction, inspiring the filmmaker to create a ‘rescue robot’ to keep this from happening. The entire course of this so-called ‘Wild Rubbish Rescue Project’ has been made into a documentary film.
SONG Hocheol 송호철
He studied art and is currently releasing media and installation artwork based on local problems and issues.
Director SONG Hocheol
Country Korea
Year 2018
Running Time 51min
Genre Documentary
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NameSONG Ho Cheol