Who We Were
우리는 누구인가
  • Opening Film
  • While We Build the Ruins
Synopsis "What will future generations make of us? Will they look back on us in despair? Are we creating history where we can speak proudly about who we are? This year’s opening film, Who We Were, examines the current state of the world through striking encounters with six major modern thinkers and scientists. Alexander Gerst (astronaut), Sylvia Earle (oceanographer), Dennis Snower (economist), Matthieu Ricard (molecular biologist and monk), Felwine Sarr (economist and sociologist) and Janina Loh (philosopher) invite us on their journeys and share their deep insight.
We gaze at the planet Earth through the eyes of an astronaut, explore the depth of the ocean in a submarine, wander around Buddhist monasteries in Tibet, investigate polluted areas in Fukushima, and attend the World Summit to hear about the relationship between climate change and the global economy. These moving scenes of today’s world reveal our connectivity through a combination of various perspectives.
The fascinating and brilliant images in Who We Were capture the fathomlessness of the Earth. All in all, the film conveys hope and the possibility of change for the Earth.
Marc BAUDER 마크 바우더
Born in 1974, Germany. He graduated from film school in Potsdam-Babelsberg and founded production company Bauderfilm.
Director Marc BAUDER
Country Germany
Year 2021
Running Time 114min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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