White Waves
성난 서퍼들
  • 지속가능한 삶
Synopsis Surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea. All along the shorelines of Europe, surfers fight against the unseen pollution that is destroying the beaches and ocean they love. Whether it's by confronting politicians, initiating scientific studies, or going to court, these surfers will do whatever it takes to bring to light the environmental destruction going on around them with the hopes of one day safely riding their white waves again
Inka REICHERT 잉카 라이케르트
Always curious, Inka combines her passion for science, nature and travelling in her work as a science journalist. Born in Germany, she moved to Valencia in 2012 to live near the ocean – a lifelong dream of hers. White Waves is born from another passion: surfing.
Director Inka REICHERT
Country Germany, Spain
Year 2016
Running Time 83min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule