White Moss
하얀 이끼
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Synopsis The film describes a story of a young Nenets guy who’s fallen in love with a girl since his childhood. But she left for the regional center wishing to have more comfortable life. The main hero is suffering in the struggle between his love and responsibilities to follow the traditions and laws of life in the Tundra. This film is about LOVE which implies loyalty, anguish, jealousy. And finding love in the name of procreation.
Vladimir TUMAEV 블라디미르 투마예프
Vladimir TUMAEV, director and screenwriter, was born in 1953, graduated from the directing State Institute of Cinematography. He is a member of the Russian Cinematographers’ Union and the Directors Guild of Russia. He teaches film directing at VGIK skill and at the Higher Courses for scriptwriters and directors (VKSR).
Director Vladimir TUMAEV
Country Russia
Year 2014
Running Time 101min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule