White Material
  • Masters: Legacy and Honor
Program Note White Material is one of the Claire DENIS’s most well-made films. Maria VIAL, the main character of this film, runs a coffee plantation in an unnamed African country. As a civil war has broken out, however, she faces an unavoidable crisis. Despite the cruel war closing in on her, she determines to stay at her farm for the coffee crop. White Material thoroughly reveals the greedy desires for lands and natural resources from the perspective of imperialism. In 2017, New York Times described this film as a one of “the best films of the 21st century”.
Claire Denis
Born in 1949, Paris, France. She is a multi-award-winning director and screenwriter. Her debut feature film Chocolat (1988) was invited to the Cannes FF and Nenette et Boni (1996) received the Golden Leopard Award from the Locarno IFF. Her major works are Beau Travail (1999) and Trouble Every Day (2001).
Director Claire Denis
Country France, Cameroon
Year 2009
Running Time 106min
Genre Fiction
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