White Cube
화이트 큐브
  • International Competition
  • ECOvolution: How to Change the World
Synopsis This documentary sees Martens continue on from Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2009), in which he encouraged impoverished African people to use photography to exploit their own suffering. On that occasion however, the local population earned nothing from their efforts. This new film documents an unprecedented attempt to reverse the flow of capital and use the privileges associated with the art world to bring about real change.
Renzo MARTENS 렌조 마르턴스
He is a Dutch artist who currently lives and works in Amsterdam and Kinshasa. He became known for his provocations, including Episode III: Enjoy Poverty (2009), a documentary that suggests that the Congo market their poverty as a natural resource.
Director Renzo MARTENS
Country The Netherlands
Year 2020
Running Time 79min
Genre Documentary
  • Asian Premiere
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