White Bicycle
하얀 자전거
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Su-Ri, who moved from Seoul due to her father’s work, stops by the game room again. He wants his own bicycle because all the kids do there, and badgers her parents until they buy him a white one. But Su-Ri lost the bicycle the next day. He embarks on a search for the bicycle with the game room owner’s daughter Yu-Ri who has an odd odor
PAIK Soo-Jang 백수장
PAIK graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts. He played a number of film roles including Chul-Goo in Off Road (2007), Eun-sung in The Room Nearby (2008), and Tak-Gon in Face Craft. In 2014, he directed White Bicycle.
Director PAIK Soo-Jang
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 25min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule