Where the Hills Are Greener
나의 언덕이 푸르러질 때
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Synopsis Caplongue is a small village of 80 inhabitants in the South of France where the Loco-Motivés association was created in 2012. Its vision is to produce and deliver local food, respectful of nature and animals, in the friendliest way possible. Through a series of personal and poetic portraits, we follow Isabelle, Jean-Marc, Vincent and the others over the course of a year as they pursue their ideal.
Oliver DICKINSON 올리버 디킨슨
Born in London in 1980, Oliver DICKINSON is an Anglo-French documentary maker. He directed The Forgotten District and Caring for the Lagoon with a social and environmental message, many international festival selections and awards already distinguish his young career. Where the Hills Are Greener is his first feature documentary.
Director Oliver DICKINSON
Country France
Year 2015
Running Time 78min
Genre Documentary
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