When Two Worlds Collide
두 세계가 충돌할 때
  • 포커스-새로운 환경 운동을 위하여
Synopsis Filmmakers take you directly into the line of fire between two powerful Peruvian leaders over the future of the country. When President Alan GARCIA attempts to extract oil and minerals from untouched Amazonian land, he is met with fierce, violent opposition led by indigenous leader Alberto PIZANO. This nuanced, even handed film captures all angles of a conflict that quickly escalates from a heated war of words to one of deadly violence.
Heidi BRANDENBURG, Mathew ORZEL 하이디 브란덴부르크, 매튜 오르즐
BRANDENBURG is a passionate observer of human nature and our environment. ORZEL is a documentary director and visual artist whose work focuses on the complexities of human relationships. They co-found Yachaywasi Films with the goal of representing social-justice and environmental issues.
Director Heidi BRANDENBURG, Mathew ORZEL
Country Peru, UK
Year 2016
Running Time 103min
Genre Documentary
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