We Are Outside Playing
마지막 지상낙원
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis The indoor garden © institution is an indoor garden institution where people can apply to go on holidays from their everyday life. We offer ponies, garden games, princess costuming etc. Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Party party! Yay party! Yay!
Friederike HOPPE 프리데리케 호페
Born in 1992 in Bielefeld, Germany. She grew up a little, did normal things like sleeping, breathing, eating and some teenage stuff - also liked: writing music and sketching things on toilet paper. She made her first film knowing that she knew almost nothing about making films. Her first short film To Be Naïve and to Know It's Ok (2011) has shown Sarajevo Film Festival.
Director Friederike HOPPE
Country Germany
Year 2013
Running Time 14min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule