Watermelon Magic
실비는 요술쟁이: 워터멜론 매직
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis "Young Sylvie lives on a farm and likes to play tricks on her family with her magical wand. When the wand breaks, she is comforted by her mother, who helps her plant a tray of watermelon seeds. As Sylvie waters the plants until seedlings emerge, she falls in love with the tiny plants and soon takes ownership over them. She stakes claim to a corner of the farm, and nurtures her watermelons along as they flower and form into fruit. Over the course of the summer, Sylvie is filled with pride as they swell to enormous side. In time, she realizes that she doesn't need a wand to experience magic. It can be found in the nature all around us. When harvest time arrives, Sylvie is faced with the realization that her watermelons must be taken to market. How will she part with her precious babies?Watermelon Magic effortlessly illustrates elementary scientific concepts in a fun, compelling story. The nearly wordless narrative is designed to reach international audiences, and employs a dynamic visual style that uses high-resolution stills at varying frame rates to document a summer growing season. A powerful musical score accompanies the stunning time-lapse sequences, bringing the garden to life in 3D on the big screen. We learn by observing how plants grow from seed to flower to fruit. Viewers will experience the challenges and rewards of growing food, and the interdependent community of plants, soil, insects, and people that make up a small farm. "
Richard Hoffman 리차드 호프만
Director Richard Hoffman
Country USA
Year 2013
Running Time 30'
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule