• 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis The watch tower is an unattractively battered piece of lighthouse-looking architecture standing on a Yaksadong
hilltop in Chuncheon. No one knows when, who and why it was built, but the tower which was rumored to
have been raised as a fire watch during the Japanese Imperialist times, was used as a surveillance point for the
Chuncheon Penitentiary and now a broadcasting tower where sirens are played during Civil Defense Drills. Its
lucky streak helped it survive the war and the development furor whereby it was considered too ugly to spend time
and money on tearing it down. However, in 2013, when its demolition became official, people finally took the time
to look at it to realize the watch tower never abandoned the moments it shared with them for all those years…
Those moments which have become memories, or recollections.
MOON Seung-Wook 문승욱
His feature film, The Butterfly (2001) won Busan Film Critics Association Awards , Special Jury Prize and award for the Best Actress in Locarno Film Festival. In 2002, After War in Jeonju Digital Project has received Golden Leopard Video Sony award in Locarno, and he produced the commercial feature film, Romance in 2007. He’s planning for the 3D documentary about the local cities turn into the satellite cities of Seoul rapidly.
Director MOON Seung-Wook
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 66min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule