Voyage of the Vézo
베조, 물고기 잡는 사람들
  • 국제 환경영화 경선
Synopsis The Vézo are the costal society of southwest Madagascar. Their livelihood has always relied on the coral reef.Maro Bezozo fishes the reef everyday. He takes what he needs to feed his family and earn a living. As he begins to catch fewer and smaller fish, Maro wonders whether the V?o's relationship with the ocean has fallen out of balance.He embarks on a voyage that will take him over 100 kilometers north of his home. Sailing from village to village, he will see if the other V?o also sense this deterioration. Maro's eleven year-old nephew and apprentice, Sambalahy, joins him on the voyage. Even as Sambalahy begins to understand the V?o way, Maro wonders whether these traditions, and Sambalahy's future livelihood, are passing away with the coral reef.This journey holds exciting encounters with other V?o - along the coast, on the ocean and below its surface. Shark fishermen, sea turtle hunters, veterans and rookies: all living off of the world's 4th longest coral reef.Voyage of the V?o considers the broader changes in the world of the V?o through the journey of Maro and Sambalahy. Their experiences provide an intimate view of V?o society and its delicate relationship with the Tulear Barrier Reef. Voyage of the V?o intends to provoke reflection on the importance of maintaining the natural equilibrium that ensures stable futures for all of the world's societies.
Giovanni Paolo Autran 지오반니 파올로 아우트란
Director Giovanni Paolo Autran
Country Madagascar, USA
Year 2008
Running Time 23'50"
Genre Documentray
Screening Schedule