• 포커스-또 다른 사회
Synopsis The Valley of the Knights, the name of the cooperative, now runs a bar, a farm, a grocery store and is active in the tourism, farming of sheep, maintaining of the territory and in the management of the national park's visitor center. A unique example of co-operative community in Italy is useful to prevent the depopulation of the smaller countries. Accompanied with the experts’ analysis, the film depicts the lives in this community and suggests a possibility of a different kind of community.
Valerio GNESINI 발레리오 네시니
Valerio GNESINI attended the Faculty of Preservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna. He started working as a photographer. He starts working in film production, participating in several films and fiction in 2008. Recently collaborates with Luca LUCINI for commercial and Ruggero DEODATO for a short movie. In 2014 he directed 6 episode of the docufilm Transumanza Tour.
Director Valerio GNESINI
Country Italy
Year 2014
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule