Vanishing Kings - Lions of the Namib
나미브 사막의 사자들
  • 문명의 저편
Synopsis A lioness and her daughters hold the key to the survival of Namibia’s rare desert lions: two years ago they gave birth to five male cubs, and through the hardships of the desert and without a pride male, they are raising them to independence, showing them how to hunt the prey. But in a desperate, brave and spectacular attack on a giraffe, the elderly matriarch is injured and subsequently dies of her wounds.
Lianne STEENKAMP, Will STEENKAMP 리안스틴캄프, 윌 스틴캄프
Lianne has always been passionate about wildlife and in 2005, while studying at film in Netherlands, she took the opportunity to join a wildlife production company in South Africa. Will has directed and assist-produced over 195 half hours of this series, along with a 13 part HD series on wildlife relocation, a 13 part children’s wildlife series, as well as an hour special on chameleons.
Country Austria
Year 2015
Running Time 50min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule