Us, Day by Day
우리는 매일매일
  • Korean Competition
  • 2020 Focus - Eco Us, Eco Earth
Synopsis Are all the then-feminists doing all right? A new generation of “young feminists” emerged across a range of universities in the late 1990s, taking up the tenets of radical feminism to end patriarchy. I have been both welcoming the recently emerging wave of feminism and reflecting on how to live as a feminist. I decide to pay a visit to my old feminist friends, who now have different occupations, live apart from each other, and struggle with their own problems and find answers to my questions by looking at their lives.
KANGYU Garam 강유가람
Co-founder of the Alternative Cultural Club, Girls Play Girls. She was awarded the Best Korean Documentary Award for her film My Father’s House (2011) at the DMZ Documentary Film Festival. She also directed Itaewon (2016) and Candle Wave Feminists (2017).
Director KANGYU Garam
Country Korea
Year 2019
Running Time 73min
Genre Documentary
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NameYoungheeya Nolja