Urban Foxes
여우와 자전거
  • 기후변화와 미래
Synopsis A Coincidental encounter in a waterbus-shelter is the starting point of a bicycle journey through
the city. The varying rhythms of people and watching animals, the changing light and the unknown affect each other and together they compose the symphony of a day in which a decision will be made. Urban Foxes is a short film about being present.
Conny BENEDEN 코니 베네덴
Conny BENEDEN was a lawyer before she studied Arts and the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She developed her filmmaking skills from 2002 on as a freelancer, making all kinds of videos, mostly in documentary style. Her main works as a director are Let go and Urban Foxes.
Director Conny BENEDEN
Country Netherlands
Year 2012
Running Time 17'35
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule