Tutee's Blue Water
투티의 바다
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis The land turtle Tutee goes on a journey with his father to find the place with ‘trees with blue caps’. However, that journey includes very hot and strenuous paths. Meanwhile, Tutee then sees sea turtles that plunge into the ocean and Tutee follows them to find only the beautiful and refreshingly cool ocean that is incomparable to the hot and rough desert. Tutee thus decides to give up on accompanying its father’s journey and turns its steps to the ocean. Tutee learns the value of dreams and hopes while it meets a flock of mallards that journeys for a lifetime, a territorial wolf that remains in one place, salmons that come to their death due to the first and only journey of their lives, a lost and wandering fox, and other animal friends during that journey to the ocean.
Lee Ki-young 이기영
Director Lee Ki-young
Country Korea
Year 2012
Running Time 16'26"
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule