Town of the Moon
달의 동네
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Woo-jin is living with his younger brother Seungho at a shanty hillside neighborhood currently under redevelopment. One day, Seung-ho brings a ‘lottingout land on the moon’ flyer to his brother, and to grant his younger brother’s wish to ‘move’ to the moon, Woo-jin starts building a spaceship. This deed which was intended for his brother actually brings much joy to Woo-jin’s life.
KIM Hyeon-Jin 김현진
She graduated from Kyunghee University where he studied film. She directed Pull and Push in 2010 as a school project, and Catfish Stew (Maeuntang) in 2012 which was showcased at the the 48 Hour Film Project. She also directed the 5th Filmagate funded Town of the Moon.
Director KIM Hyeon-Jin
Country Korea
Year 2013
Running Time 15min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule