거북이의 사정
  • 동물과 함께 사는 세상
Synopsis A lone desert tortoise walks beside a highway in search of food. It spots a flower bush across the road. As a mustang passes the hole, the tire gets stuck in the hole causing the car to fall into a ditch beside the highway. The man inside is killed. The tortoise’s main mission now is to cover the hole, which comes not easy at all. Suddenly an engine could be heard, another car is coming. A van with a family on vacation can be seen and the tortoise is out of options.
Noviandra SANTOSA 노비안드라 산토사
An Indonesian director, producer and screenwriter that graduated from New York Film Academy. She is now based in Los Angeles.
Director Noviandra SANTOSA
Country Indonesia
Year 2014
Running Time 6min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule