Torment in Paradise
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  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Mi-Ra in her late twenties boards a ship transporting donated books after learning about the event it was shipping them to. While her journey to the Jeju Islands was all about contemplating her own problems, she realizes that to the boat passengers travelling with her, the books would give much anticipated hope to the villagers of Gangjeong. The boat finally reaches Jeju Island, and Mi-Ra takes souvenir photos with the others before getting on the bus for the Gangjeong village. However, once she arrives there, she is not greeted by villagers, but a large group of olicemen. Mi-Ra becomes the observer who witnesses this all in bewilderment.
HEO Chul 허 철
He is an educator with MFA in Visual Arts production and PhD in Critical Literary heory. His documentary on Korean Cinema, Ari Ari the Korean Cinema was showcased at Busan Film Festival and was theatrically released the following year. He has been active in both film and TV since 1995, directing a weekly TV program in Southern California, USA, and also numerous short and experimental films.
Director HEO Chul
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 84min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule