To Put Together a Helicopter
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  • 그린파노라마
Synopsis Oliverio lives in a building taken over by immigrants from the Mexican countryside who work constantly to provide the basic services lacking in the dwelling. However, Oliverio is 17 and spends time playing video games, though electricity is unstable and in short supply. When the summer rains start, a short circuit puts an end to the patch that connected the building to the electrical system. New ideas on how to get power arise. Oliverio proposes a solution.
Izabel ACEVEDO 이자벨 아세베도
Born in Guatemala City in 1981, where she studies acting at ENAD. Later she studies Film Direction in Mexico City at CCC. She studies a feature-film script postgraduate degree as an interchange student at ESCAC.
Director Izabel ACEVEDO
Country Mexico
Year 2012
Running Time 38min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule