To Kill a Whale
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Synopsis Animals kill animals. People kill animals. Whaling on Faroe Islands is a controversial subject and is highly discussed among environmental activists. Each year they try to stop whaling. Nonetheless, the country keeps this ancient tradition alive. Each year the media covers this bloodbath. But what lies behind this tradition? This film examines the relation(ship) between mankind and nature. A poetic reflection on killing. Is it possible to understand the meaning of killing without depicting the act of slaughtering?
Marina HUFNAGEL, Kristina KILIAN 마리나 후프나겔, 크리스티나 킬리안
Marina has working experiences in the department of culture at the Goethe Institut Madagascar and at interfilm Berlin./ Kristina spend one year at the University of fine arts before working experiences at theaters such as HAU Berlin and National Theater Manheim. Since 2013 both directors study documentary and television journalism at the University of Television and Film Munich.
Director Marina HUFNAGEL, Kristina KILIAN
Country Germany
Year 2014
Running Time 19min
Genre Documentary
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