Time of Seeds
  • Korean Competition
  • SIEFF's Special Choice
Program Note As the title suggests, the film follows the life cycle of a seed, from the moment a farmer harvests it to when it sprouts, bears fruit, and is harvested again by the farmer a year later. The protagonist leading the story is not the commercial seed of seed companies, but the “native seeds” grown by farmers for many years. The agricultural system, which has changed over time with productivity and efficiency, has even accelerated the time of farmers and seeds. Rather than lamenting the extinction of rare native seeds, the film restores the value and time of slow but sincere and hardworking labor with a warm perspective.
She received a master’s degree in documentary theory and production from Goldsmiths University, UK. She directed short documentaries including Complicated Order, Kungfu Tea, and The Uncomfortable, which have been screened or exhibited at SIEFF and Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival. Time of Seeds is her first feature film.
Director SEOL Suan
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 103min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule