The Geographer and the Island
섬과 지리학자
  • International Competition
Synopsis Iwaishima, a heart-shaped piece of confetti in the Seto Sea, is the scene of an anti-nuclear struggle and home to an environmental and societal think-tank. The geographer Philippe PELLETIER comes for the ‘Dance of Gods’: a quadrennial, traditional festival celebrating man’s bond with his land and sea. The question is: how do you remain free and independent…and survive?
Christine BOUTEILLER 크리스틴 부테이예
Christine BOUTEILLER is a documentary director and editor. Through her films, Christine tries to define the universality, some humanity and the issues of commitment and frailty. She also works for TV, and development actors (AFD, Oxfam, GRET), associations and art centers.
Director Christine BOUTEILLER
Country France
Year 2018
Running Time 71min
Genre Documentary
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NameScotto Productions
Tel33 6 66 19 10 47