The Wish Fish
위시 피쉬!
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis Opil with the help of Captain Mackerel, his daughter Marina, and Lady Rapfish of the White Duchy, he is to embark on a crazy adventure during which he will have to do his utmost to recover the sea and save the planet from the troops of evil Saturón. So Opil will have to catch a wish fish, eat it and ask for a new wish.
Gorka VÁZQUEZ, Iván ONEKA 고르카 바즈케즈, 이반 오네카
Gorka VÁZQUEZ FERNÁNDEZ is a member of the Spanish Music Academy of Arts and Sciences. He graduated in Fine Arts in 1998 specializing in audiovisuals. He starts directing several short films and video clips. Iván ONEKA spent practically his entire life dedicated to arts, and more than half life in the world of animation. He has been traditional animator, story border, stop-motion animator, sculptor, and painter.
Director Gorka VÁZQUEZ, Iván ONEKA
Country Spain, India
Year 2012
Running Time 71min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule