The Will - If Only There Were No Nuclear Power Plant
  • 그린파노라마-오래된 미래
Synopsis 800 days at Fukushima recorded starting the day after the disaster that will not be allowed to fade away. Radiation was not the only invisible enemy. The problems of cover-ups and fraud within the structure of Japanese society came to the surface. KANNO Shigekiyo, who committed suicide after being unable to cope with his regret, left the words “If only there were no nuclear power plant” written on his wall. He left this message to his friends. “Good luck to the dairy farmers. Don’t lose to nuclear power.” Carefully following the dairy and other farmers that were his friends, we learn about the love they painfully discovered for their family, friends, and lost town, as well as what is important to protect.
TOYODA Naomi, NODA Masaya 토요다 나오미, 노다 마사야
TOYODA Naomi has been covering the situation around the Fukushima power plant since the earthquake, with experience on reporting on the depleted uranium shell and issue in Chernobyl. NODA Masaya covered the disputed and disaster areas in Asia, including Tibet. He continued documenting environmental issues around the world under the theme of "Human Beings and Water."
Director TOYODA Naomi, NODA Masaya
Country Japan
Year 2014
Running Time 226min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule