The Trail of a Tale
그 시작은 이러했다
  • 그린파노라마-Action4Climate
Synopsis A letter from the future is written to our recent past, telling us how the world ´it turned out right´. It follows the trail of someone that left words written, words of change, of simple change. In this near future, the images of our world are the same, but the value of words can be very different.
Gonçalo TOCHA 곤살로 토샤
A filmmaker and musician from Lisbon, Portugal. It´s the Earth not the Moon, his second feature film, a three hour documentary shot in the Azorean island of Corvo, premiered in the Festival Locarno and was the winner of the first prize for feature film in festivals as DocLisboa 2011, BAFICI 2012. He has just finished a new feature film, The Mother and the Sea was premiered in Rome Film Festival and CPH:DOX – Copenhagen. It won the first national prize in Doclisboa 2013.
Director Gonçalo TOCHA
Country Portugal
Year 2013
Running Time 4min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule