The Story of Plastic
플라스틱의 모든 것
  • Our Home, Trash Land
Synopsis The Story of Plastic brings into focus the alarming, human-made crisis of a world overflowing with toxic material. Striking footage, original animations, and archival material all point to the disastrous impact of the manufacture and use of plastics, shedding new light on a challenge that threatens the life and health of animals, humans and civilization on Earth.
Deia SCHLOSBERG 데이아 슐로스버그
She made national news in October, 2016, when she was arrested and charged with 45 years' worth of felonies for filming the #ShutItDown pipeline protest in North Dakota. She is currently directing a docuseries Bootstraps (2020).
Director Deia SCHLOSBERG
Country USA
Year 2019
Running Time 96min
Genre Documentary
  • Korean Premiere
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NameThe Story of Stuff Project
Tel(+1) 406 579 5750