The Stories of Haenyeo
그림 그리는 해녀
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis Haenyeo are women native to Jeju Island in Korea who dive into the ocean without any equipment to hunt for foodstuffs for a living. Having supported the local economy for centuries, Korea is now down to the last generation of haenyeo, women divers, and soon we will no longer be able to see these strong women navigating Jeju waters. As haenyeo find healing through art therapy, the documentary records the personal stories of the last generation of haenyeo that the world can treasure for generations to come.
HAM Ju-Hyun 함주현
Currently a resident of the Jeju Island, he strives to promote the Jeju ‘haenyeo (sea diving women)’ as a significant local history and culture which should travel beyond Jeju and be celebrated as a substantial world heritage through The Stories of Haenyeo.
Director HAM Ju-Hyun
Country Korea
Year 2013
Running Time 51min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule