The Steel Boat
  • Korean Competition
  • ECOmmunity
Synopsis A contemplative gaze on a village, which brings up the words such as, ‘isolation’, ‘lockout’, ‘time’ and ‘memories’. In Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, is located Sungsim-won, a sanatorium for the patients of Hansen’s disease. The director, commissioned to make a video commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sungsimwon, closely captured its history and the peaceful landscape on camera for three years. As if remembering the painful and isolated days when there was only a single boat to get to the nearby village from Sungsim-won on the riverside, the rusty steel boat is rested there.
KIM Ji-gon 김지곤
Beginning with his documentary Unfamiliar Dreams, he has worked to expand the boundaries of filmmaking in and out of the theater. He also participated as a producer in the works of fellow documentary directors.
Director KIM Ji-gon
Country Korea
Year 2021
Running Time 74min
Genre Documentary
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NameCinema 'Takju'corp.
Tel+82 1071933940