The Sower
씨앗 지킴이
  • 포커스-다시 보는 농사
Synopsis A portrait of artist and seed producer Patrice FORTIER, who dedicates his passion and expertise to preserving plant biodiversity. He likes beets, especially hardy varieties that can stuand up to a strong wind. He admires independence in a plant. He looks over his carrots with the same patience and meticulousness as he harvests seeds from his squash. Sometimes, he dreams about a certain cherry tree whose genetic legacy he wants to preserve and spread. Not to mention his prode in his Polish rutabagas. Patrice FORTIER isn't crazy, he's just seriously passionate about his work. Living on his company farm, La societe des plantes, in the Kamouraska Valley, he is preserving and propagating rare and forgotten seeds in order to restore vitality and variety to our agricultural heritage.
Julie PERRON 줄리 페론
Born in Montréal, Québec, Canada, Julie begins her career as a filmmaker at the National Film Board of Canada in 2000. Julie’s films have been widely seen and distributed on television and at international film festivals, media libraries, and cultural institutions in Canada and throughout Europe. She has also taught cinema at Main Film (film coop in Montréal) and at the New Trier College (Chicago). She has been a member of Les Films de l'Autre since 2001.
Director Julie PERRON
Country Canada
Year 2013
Running Time 77min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule