The Songs of Rice
쌀의 노래
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis This is a visual record of rice culture and its influences on the people in different parts of Thailand. The lyrical
structure of this documentary film reflects the melodies in the songs of rice, crafted and composed by the diverse
harmonies of the people who may sing in different voices but who share the same heart. This is the final film in
the rice trilogy that began with Stories from the North and Agrarian Utopia.
Uruphong RAKSASAD 우루퐁 락사사드
Born in 1977 to a farming family in the district of Terng, the northern part of Thailand, RAKSASAD came to the capital when he was 18, to further his study at Thammasat’s Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications where he majored in film and photography. After graduation in 2000, he had worked as a film editor and postproduction supervisor for several Thai feature films.
Director Uruphong RAKSASAD
Country Thailand
Year 2014
Running Time 75min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule