The Song of Rain
  • SIEFF's Special Choice
Program Note Jin who leaves city life to live in Mima city in Tokushima adjusts to his new rural one as he learns farming and hunting from a local friend, Tera. The two practice a self-sufficient lifestyle in a shared house that can harvest and filter rain into usable water. ‘A magical experience in a modern world where tranquility is hard to find’ as this film professes to be, filmmaker Tetsuichiro TSUTA uses the special qualities of 16mm film to create enchanting and stunning imagery.
Tetsuichiro Tsuta
Tetsuichiro Tsuta continues to make films amongst the landscapes of Tokushima Prefecture, where he was born. His first feature, Tale of Iya, was listed by BFI as the Best Japanese Film of 2013.
Director Tetsuichiro Tsuta
Country Japan
Year 2022
Running Time 45min
Genre Fiction
  • Asian Premiere
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