The Singhampton Project
싱햄튼 프로젝트
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Synopsis A seasoned farm to table and back to the farm Chef teams up with a prolific Landscape Artist, to create 7 gardens in which they will grow, harvest cook, and serve a 7-course meal for 20 nights, for up to 800 people total. Deciding to do it during the driest year in 65-years, the Chef sticks to his plan to irrigate only by hand. It was a long summer.
Jonathan STAAV 조너선 스타브
Working as a commercial cinematographer (and sometimes director), Jonathan has the good fortune to be able to travel the world meeting interesting people and hearing their unique stories. The first of his family to be born in Canada, Jonathan always remembers that not everybody in this world has it as good as we do in Canada and takes it as his mission to tell their stories.
Director Jonathan STAAV
Country Canada
Year 2014
Running Time 62min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule