The Seal of the Sun
태양의 덮개
  • 일본영화특별전
Synopsis On March 11, 2011, the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake struck .On that day, Japan faced the dangers of a catastrophic event that threatened a large segment of population. Scientists, surprised and shocked by the crisis which quickly expanded well beyond what they had predicted,made several erroneous judgments and decisions. Meanwhile, residents were hastily evacuated, forced to say good-bye to their homes. However,a time bomb was ticking without any credible solution to the crisis. The countdown to the total destruction continued and never stopped.
SATO Futoshi 사토 후토시
Born in 1968 at Miyagi Prefecture. He started his career at TV dramas, featuring a popular idles’ group AKB 48 and directed a feature film for the first time in 2005, called Indian Summer. His second film was made with idles’ group in 2011 namely Gal Basara-Sengoku Jidai wa Kengai. The Seal of The sun is his third film.
Director SATO Futoshi
Country Japan
Year 2016
Running Time 130min
Genre Fiction
Screening Schedule