The Red House
레드 하우스
  • 국제환경영화경선
Synopsis This film is an intimate portrait of the cross-cultural relationship between European New Zealander Lee and his Asian-born wife Jia, who share a great and enduring love despite their vastly different backgrounds and perspectives. The story begins on the remote island, where Lee and Jia share a dilapidated red house, crammed full of their possessions. Lee accumulates things because each one sustains a memory for him. Jia can’t throw anything away because she believes everything has a future use. When Jia suddenly has to return to her homeland to care for her aging parents, they depart for a country whose ancient history has also been largely erased. What remains sits in uneasy balance alongside plastic and a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. An intimate story about the endurance of love in the face of cultural transition, environmental upheaval and the universal process of aging.
Alyx DUNCAN 알릭스 던칸
Alyx DUNCAN is a filmmaker and choreographer in genres spanning live performance, installation, music video, documentary, commercials, and experimental filmmaking. She holds a Masters of Theatre Arts (Directing) from Victoria University and Toi Whakaari and is currently working on a documentary Return to the Planet Mongo and a short dance film The Tide Keeper.
Director Alyx DUNCAN
Country New Zealand
Year 2012
Running Time 75'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule