The Pestilence
  • SIEFF's Special Choice
Program Note A contagious disease spreads throughout a small island village, causing people to die. The mother has just died tragically, but the family of the remaining four has no time to mourn. With a pile of garbage in one corner of the house, they have been without electricity, running water, or food for a while. There seems to be no sign of improvement, and suspicion and distrust start to grow. Suddenly, someone shows up at their doorstep. Despite the limited space and characters, the close-up shots from various angles, the fast-paced editing, and the well-placed sound effects create an eerie sense of anxiety and tension on the dry black-and-white screen.
KWAK Eunji
Born in 1995. She is a student at Hanyang Graduate School of Film and directed films including Womb and Coffin.
Director KWAK Eunji
Country Korea
Year 2022
Running Time 20min
Genre Fiction
  • International Premiere
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