The Omnivorous Family
잡식가족의 딜레마
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름
Synopsis This film takes place during the winter of last year when there was a nationwide slaughter of livestock to put a stop to the foot-and-mouth outbreak. Filmmaker Yun goes deep into the mountains to meet a pig farmer who was raising his pigs in an old fashioned manner. As Yun observes the daily routines of the sow ‘Ship-Soon’ and her piglet ‘Don-Soo’, she discovers new facts she had never known before… As she develops a bond with the lovely pigs and acknowledges another side of the farm, it becomes more difficult for her to enjoy pork cutlets as
she used to. And to make matters worse, her husband and young son Do-Young isn’t making her choice of daily menus easier. As she falls into a deep dilemma, what is there in store for her now?
HWANG Yun 황 윤
Starting with her documentary Farewell(2001) which gazes at the zoo from the POV of wild animals in captivity, she has continued to make introspective documentaries venturing beyond a human centered perspective to explore the ironies of modern civilization from the ecosystem’s community standpoint. As a three-part series along with Farewell, she has directed Silent Forest (2004) and One Day on the Road (2006).
Director HWANG Yun
Country Korea
Year 2014
Running Time 110min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule