The Mitten
할아버지와 장갑
  • 지구의 아이들
Synopsis It is snowing. Lily and her grandfather are making a little bird house to help the birds survive over the winter. 'But where do the other animals in the garden find shelter in winter?' wonders the little girl. So she puts one of her mittens at the foot of the tree where they have fastened the bird house.
Clementine ROBACH 클레몽틴 로박
After studying animation (ESAAT, Roubaix – Sint Lukas, Brussels) and the didactics of visual arts (Arts décoratifs, Strasbourg), Clémentine ROBACH works in animation, graphic design and illustration. She created the interactive children's book “L'Ogresse” (The Ogress), published in 2012. She runs animation workshops. The Mitten is her first short film.
Director Clementine ROBACH
Country Belgium, France
Year 2014
Running Time 9min
Genre Animation
Screening Schedule