The Memory of Shima
  • 널리 보는 세상-그린 아시아
Synopsis Shima, the title of this film, means island in Japanese. The resonance of meaning exists between Hiro ‘shima’ the first site in the world where a nuclear weapon was used; and Fuku‘shima’, where one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters occurred in 2011. Moreover, this film attempts to investigate the present reality of Japan, ‘Shima’-Guni, from the perspective of the ideas involving nuclear energy.
CHE Kyeong-Hun 채경훈
A member of the Korean Association of Film Critics, CHE Kyeong-Hun currently attends the Tokyo University of the Arts pursuing his doctoral degree in the Department of Film Production. He graduated from Dongguk University with master’s degree in the Department of Film and Theater. His current study involves visual reproduction of memory and reenactment of the Japanese underground cinema of the 60s and 70s through flash backs and documentary structure.
Director CHE Kyeong-Hun
Country Japan
Year 2013
Running Time 10min
Genre Experimental
Screening Schedule