The Meat Lobby: Big Business Against Health?
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Synopsis In 2015, the WHO listed one of the additives in processed meats as carcinogenic. That same additive was nearly banned in America in the 1970s – until lobbying from the meat industry discredited the scientists. We reveal how, to impede or halt regulations on certain additives, lobbyists have been working in the shadows for decades.
Sandrine RIGAUD 상드린 리고
Sandrine RIGAUD was born in 1978 in Egypt. She is a French journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Paris, France. In 2010, she began directing long investigative documentary films on economic and social issues. Among other topics, she directed a film on Google, on Qatari investments in Europe and on forced labor in Uzbekistan.
Director Sandrine RIGAUD
Country France
Year 2016
Running Time 52min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule