The Lost Village
빼앗긴 고향 후쿠시마
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Synopsis Following hydrogen explosion of Fukushima Daiichi, radioactive cesium 131 was released from the plant and blanketed ‘Iitate’ village. Villagerswere told ‘safe’ and kept held in the village and exposed to cesium. Ever since they have come across with anxiety of health, mental stress caused
by new living environment in temporary apartment and loneliness by community break down. Villagers now realize how big the loss brought by
the nuclear power plant disaster is.
TOYODA Naomi 토요다 나오미
TOYODA Naomi was born in 1956 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan and currently lives in Tokyo. TOYODA received the Encouraging Award from the Peace & Cooperative Journalist Fund of Japan in 2003.
Director TOYODA Naomi
Country Japan
Year 2016
Running Time 64min
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule