The Last Tundra
최후의 툰드라
  • 한국 환경영화의 흐름 - 장편
Synopsis 7,000 kilometers of Stunning scenery - a panoramic adventure based on covering 13 months of research with over 300 days of collecting data in the field makes THE LAST TUNDRA the must-see Documentary Movie of 2011.The vast land of Tundra, despite holding 20 percent of the gross area of the earth, has been thought of as the forefront of the Arctic region closest to the North Pole which has kept humans from being able to easily enter.
The film presents the first internal, full-scale film in the Tundra.
The documentary Movie takes viewers on an astonishing adventure across the Tundra in Siberia, experiencing the beautiful nature spanning the four seasons, with a close look at the various life-styles of the ethnic groups who make their home in the land.
Here, in the land of Tundra, the mightiest and most beautiful land on the planet, human beings struggling for survival are no more than a part of the ecosystem. The key phrase for the people in the Tundra is coexistence with nature.
The film also probes another important question concerning the condition of the land as it becomes the arena of the struggle between other nations for its natural resources.
This fascinating program provides a journey in search of the lost soul of the Tundra, where the land is still adored by its people and at the same time is seen as a mere tool for human advantage.
Jang Kyung-soo, Kim Jong-il 장경수, 김종일
Director Jang Kyung-soo, Kim Jong-il
Country Korea
Year 2011
Running Time 101'
Genre Documentary
Screening Schedule