The Last Pig
마지막 돼지
Synopsis Through its remarkable true story, this film follows a seminal year in the life of a pig farmer as he journeys beyond the slaughterhouse. While the seasons change, the farmer shares his growing conflict over a life spent “peddling in death” and wonders: is there really a humane way to kill? In his soul-bearing narrative, the farmer reveals his growing struggle over a life spent peddling in death.
Allison ARGO 앨리슨 아르고
For nearly 30 years, Allison ARGO has made award-winning documentaries about endangered and abused animals. Her films have won six national Emmys, five Genesis Awards and over 80 awards internationally. Through this film, she hopes to inspire compassion for all living beings and to repair the disconnect between humans and what we consume.
Director Allison ARGO
Country USA
Year 2017
Running Time 54min
Genre Documentary
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NameArgoFilms, Ltd.
Tel1 508 240 1955